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Earlier today I shared how I’ve been able to use Twitter to aid in the success of a hyperlocal blog I write in Birmingham, AL. The post grew out of a question I asked earlier in the day on Twitter about whether numbers or interaction was more important. Here, as promised, are the responses that I received.

I’ll just point out before you get to reading the fact that it’s quite interesting how there is a divide between the use of the tool for what some folks would call regular social interaction and how it should be used for business development…

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Please note that the link directs you to their Twitter profile (just in case you feel like talking to them a little more about this or anything else for that matter).

@MCuthbert – Since a lot of people follow only hoping for reciprocation, I think interaction is a better measure. Not all followers are reading.

@Zerolove – i say it is 100% more about the interaction, I think if you interact even if you are following 2000 people then its all good.

@gabinator – from a business standpoint it might numbers of followers. As an individual, I like the interactivity so having more is better.

@libbysexton – if u are looking for interaction than quality not quantity IMHO, but for brand awareness/customer service, you want the numbers.

@bhamboxset – I think both are useful–bc I want more readers to KNOW about our blogs, but I also want to know who they want to hear about!

@WadeonTweets – To answer, 1mil followers are useless if they don’t RT, respond, interact. Better to have 500-1000 who’ll follow you into hell.

@ikepigott – It is ALL about interaction. I’m happier with comments than I am subscribers (b/c nobody reads feeds anymore!)

@TimJackson – Personally, my friend, I believe it’s about the discussion itself. Dialog is far more meaningful to me than numbers.

@AmberCadabra – Interaction, no question. I can’t build a relationship with a number.

@sonnygill – Def interaction. Nos are Nos if you don’t engage those people. If you bring lil value to your large comm, what’s the point?

@KellyCrane – Interaction trumps numbers every time. A person who is engaged and respected has way more influence on their followers to act.

@BlazeDaDragon – both, but it depends on who your asking. The community wants interaction.

As I said up above, feel free to add your comments to the conversation below.

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