What do foodies need to know about blogging?

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Dinner at South of Beale. acnatta/FlickrThe title pretty much says it all. Click here if you want to skip the first two paragraphs and cut to the chase. It’s also a dedicated pledge to writing the equivalent of three posts a week on this site as I start to delve into some of the issues affecting this age of digital conversations.

I still feel that one of the best platforms for having online conversations is the blog. It allows you to contain that conversation in one place and provide a great deal of information about that topic without a limit on the number of characters. Most times, it also gives you control of where the content and conversation is stored and who is invited to participate.

I’m grateful to have been asked to facilitate an intro to blogging session at FoodBlogSouth, a blogging conference geared at foodies that’ll be held here in Birmingham, AL on January 22. There’s still plenty of time to register for the conference online (hint, hint). There’s also still a great deal of time to help me prepare for said conference.

While I consider myself a foodie, I freely admit that I don’t write about it with any of the passion or frequency that some of others scheduled to present have. This presents a slight challenge to me. While I know what basics should be covered, I want to make sure that I give those who choose to attend this session the best information possible so that blogging can work for them. So I’m turning to you; need your help!

Share the questions that you may have or suggestions for tools that would help foodies tell their stories in the comments below. I’ll make sure that I share the final presentation on the site after I’ve finished that Saturday morning (as well as a page providing links to valuable resources suggested – with credit given when applicable).

If nothing else, it helps demonstrate the power of the blog (and the ethic of the link – which is another post) and how it may be beneficial to those who choose this method of communicating.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in!


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