Wearing your support for those affected

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collage of tornado relief t-shirt designs in AlabamaSome believe once Marlon Brando made wearing t-shirts (albeit ripped at times) cool in “A Streetcar Named Desire” that it was only a matter of time before the blank canvases could be used to market or raise awareness about issues.  They now serve as signs of support and badges of honor. They’ve also long been part of the fundraiser toolkit.

The quick turnaround possible nowadays thanks to the digital world means it’s easier than ever to get the shirts designed and out the door. It also means that many more shirts can exist with several organizations (hopefully) benefiting from their sales.

The tornado relief efforts under way here in Alabama have allowed several people to introduce new t-shirts to the country and the world – all hoping to help keep awareness levels high.

I decided to take a moment and list a few of the ones I’ve seen online in the last 11 days. This is by no means a complete one, but it should give you an idea of the creativity, options and variety available for those interested in supporting the cause:

We Are Alabama
At least $10/shirt | American Red Cross

Love Your Neighbor
$10 from each shirt | Week of Compassion

Alabama Crimson Tide Tornado Relief T-Shirt
All proceeds | UA Acts of Kindness Fund

“Sweet Home Alabama” – Maggie Crisler
$15/shirt; $5-$7.50 shipping
All proceeds | American Red Cross

One for Y’all Storm Relief Shirts
All net profits | CFGB Alabama Tornado Recovery Fund

Rebuild the South – Donate to Tornado Relief
$10 from each sale | American Red Cross tornado relief efforts

All proceeds to American Red Cross

Southern Strong Tees
All proceeds to the American Red Cross

T-Town Never Down T-Shirts
All proceeds | American Red Cross

AUnite T-Shirts
All proceeds| American Red Cross

Our Hearts are in Dixie
All proceeds | American Red Cross (Northern Alabama)

Rebuild the Heart of Dixie
All proceeds| American Red Cross, Save the Children & Samaritan’s Purse

Help Our Communities Rise Again
All proceeds | American Red Cross Tornado Relief Fund

Together We Stand
All proceeds | City of Pleasant Grove, AL

We Are Alabama (Zazzle Store)
Net proceeds | American Red Cross Alabama Tornado Relief efforts

A quick glance over the list should also make you aware of the fact that we’re not always aware of all of the organizations involved in a particular effort. Hopefully it helps raise awareness for these groups as well.

If you know of any other shirts that should be included in this list, please comment below and I’ll see about adding them in a timely manner.

You may also have some comments and links to pieces talking about other examples of how t-shirts are used to help spread the message…

If you’re wondering about options available to help folks out down here, check out the Alabama Tornado Relief: How You Can Help resource page created by Alabama Possible.


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