The power of an inspiring award

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People inspire people. vernieman/Flickr.Late Sunday evening. I received an email from Twitter telling me I was mentioned in a person’s recent status update. It doesn’t happen as often as it did when I first joined the service nearly six years ago, but when it does, I pay attention.

I was happy I did; it was a mention from someone I’d met via a Twitter chat I’d started a few years back and occasionally get to run into whenever I feel like venturing out in the real world. She’d nominated my personal blog and a few other sites as worthy of receiving an Inspiring Blog Award.

I was flattered and humbled. One of the reasons I’d written the Four Agreements of Blogging series was because I’d been needing a pep talk with regards to posting. Being recognized this way made me realize folks were still “tuning in” to see what I had to offer.

Now, I’d not only been told I mattered, but I was also able to discover a few new sites I might be interested in adding to my RSS reader. The resulting post lets me return the favor and add my own suggestions to a never-ending list.

It’s the fun of participating in exercises like this one, and why it’s nice to stumble upon one or to be brought into one. It forced me to have to think about what I digest on a daily basis via Feedly and what truly influences and inspires me. The list I came up with was fairly easy to compile, though the toughest part was being willing to open myself and my reading habits to others.

It also lets those who do inspire you know how much it means to you that they’re willing to share. After all, at the end of the day it is people who inspire people – and they may like to know what their words and stories mean to you.

A quick search via Google of the term “inspiringblogaward” led me to several other instances of people stepping outside of themselves while connecting with those whom they look to for inspiration – pages of them. There were also variations on the number of sites you had to share, from seven to fifteen, and the look of the image to be displayed.

We can find ourselves easily going down a rabbit hole of exploration depending on how far you want to dig to find others participating and nominated in this series. It’s similar to another challenge thrown out by Chris Brogan earlier today via Twitter inviting folks to share the handles of “People Worth Following.”

A Twitter search of his Twitter handle and the phrase shows it found some legs today, exposing those who may be paying attention and already following to new voices and perspectives. It may be just as important as it is to engage – the idea of a person always being willing to learn something and/or meet someone new by sharing.

I think those various search results will keep me pretty busy reading for a while…

Photo: People inspire people. vernieman/Flickr.


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