Branding, Social Media, and Your Town (& links)

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I made a visit to Camp McDowell on September 3, 2015 to present to participants at this year’s edition of Your Town Alabama (they have a fan page on Facebook too). It was Thursday’s first session, and they were a pretty energetic group.

I’ve embedded the slides used during the presentation here via Slideshare. I’ve also made it available as a PDF (You’ll need a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat to view the file). The slides were more to help guide the conversation, but some should help start your journey for what will work best for your community.

[slideshare id=52424422&doc=09032015yourtownpresentation-150904141924-lva1-app6891&w=625]

Some additional links for some of you to consider as you head back home:

User-generated content policythe policy available for viewing on Bloomingdale’s website is long (and wordy), but helpful as you think about all the ways your community may want to leverage tweets, photos, videos, and other digital comments later. You will want to find a way to simplify it so those you interact with online will understand.

Development policy at interstate interchanges — I can’t find a link that shows the resulting effect (I’m still looking for photos I took recently — April 2013), but I would look at and reach out to planning officials in Madison, GA to learn more about the zoning put in place along the main thoroughfare from I-20 into the historic downtown area.

If there are any other questions, submit them as questions via the comments section and I’ll be sure to add them to the post.



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